Auto Wreckers in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

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Used Car Parts

After your wreck, your scrap metal is worth something! A wide variety of scrap metal, from copper wiring to used car parts, is processed by our auto wreckers. As a family-owned company, we take pride in our business and only offer fair prices in cash. Before dumping your metal debris, why not try our metal recycling solution? We collect metal for recycling from companies and private individuals. Get all the car parts you need from King Parts Auto Wreckers. We sell quality used car parts taken from wrecked vehicles sold to us for scrap.

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About Us

King Parts Auto Wreckers is the place to go for all your scrap metal needs in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. We know you want your experience to be convenient and efficient, and you require a wide selection of products and knowledge about all aspects of our products and services. To meet these needs, we provide you with quality used and salvaged parts, as well as storage and recycling services.

Supporting the Community

We are actively involved in the community, and loan wrecked cars to the police squad, first aid squad, and firefighters in training. These vehicles are used for practice with the jaws of life, driving, and other related training.